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If you want to feel sorry for someone, please don't feel sorry for her or our family.

This blog is for family and friends to keep up with Izzy and to document what a tough little girl she really is...

Don't worry - - she will kick cancers butt!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Visits from some furry friends

While Miss Izzy was doing her make up (compliments of Destiny, Ella, and Kobee) she got a visit from a furry friend. I don't know if I mentioned this before, but the morning of Izzy's surgery Dustin asked her if she wanted anything at all from home. Her response was "Just Rogue, Dad". Rogue is our chocolate lab who Izzy just adores. Thanks Pat and Sarah for taking care of her while we were in the hospital. I know she enjoyed hanging out with her cousin Rocket.

This is Elliot the Australian Labradoodle. He is part of the ITA-Intermountain Therapy Animals it is a nonprofit organization. He was so sweet.

Here he is praying for Izzy. Izzy noticed his cute Silver nail polish and his trainer was quick to tell us it's actually Chrome considering that Elliot is a male. LOL! Izzy thought that Elliot was alright, but she still missed her dog at home.

The next day she has a visit from this beautiful chocolate colored cat.

Unfortunately, I don't recall the name of the cat. However, I do remember the trainer saying how rare it was that a cat was able to pass the certifications to become a therapy animal.

I swear I'm going to get this blog up-to-date with all the pictures and details from the hospital, so don't give up on me.

Izzy has been doing considerably well with the chemo this past week. My only concern is that she has no appetite and she is already so skinkin' skinny. She doesn't act lethargic or anything so I'm sure she isn't dehydrated, but we will talk to her dietitian and doctor to see if they recommend anything.

Tomorrow we go in for round 2.

Much Love,



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