Izzy loves parties, but not pity parties.

If you want to feel sorry for someone, please don't feel sorry for her or our family.

This blog is for family and friends to keep up with Izzy and to document what a tough little girl she really is...

Don't worry - - she will kick cancers butt!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Full body CT/Surgery

Here is Miss Sassy Pants on the wagon ride down to get her CT scan.

This is her buddy she got from my good friend Kristen. She named him Socko. It seems pretty fitting.

She held really really still while she went through the CT scan. We liked to call it a rocket ship. It kind of makes noises like a rocket ship.

Here she is holding tight to Socko while they wheeled her down to surgery. She also had to make sure she had her pillow pet. Thanks black Jessi :)

She had a furry visitor come see her yesterday. She couldn't believe how furry this doggie was. I was a little nervous about the dog being on her bed, but whatever makes her smile.

I'm headed back up to the hospital and hoping Izzy is doing well. Dustin said she hasn't had a temperature again since 4:30 yesterday when it got up to 103 degrees and they've been very diligent with the Tylenol. Here's hoping the fever stays down.

Much Love,



  1. That first picture is enough to break anyone's heart! What a cute sock monkey!! So nice!


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