Izzy loves parties, but not pity parties.

If you want to feel sorry for someone, please don't feel sorry for her or our family.

This blog is for family and friends to keep up with Izzy and to document what a tough little girl she really is...

Don't worry - - she will kick cancers butt!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lots of visitors

Izzy loved to have her friends and family come visit her. She especially loved to have her little friends come. Once they told us she could no longer have visitors under 14 she was a little bummed. Here are a few pictures of her visitors...

Presli and Easton

Aunt Sarah and Ellie



Uncle Pat and Aunt Kim

Uncle Bobby and Aunt Dani


Kalli (Izzy and Kalli were born only a few days apart)

Baby Taylee

Kobee, Ella, and Destiny

And this was only part of who came to visit. I didn't get pictures of all the family and friends who came just to show their support and love for Izzy and those friends of mine who were there for some emotional support for me.

Thanks everyone! I have lots of pictures to put up. I think Izzy got sick of me taking pictures, but I want her to be able to look back and see all that she went through. Check back soon!

Much Love,


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  1. I think the blog is a great idea. Ray and Ellie were so diappointed to not see Izzy awake when they came so now they can look at some pics. Ray is sick today so we probably can't see you again for a few days. We are fasting and praying for you.


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