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Saturday, July 16, 2011

First ever CureSearch for childhood cancer walk in Salt Lake City,Utah!

Wow, it is amazing to see this walk turn out the way it did. I cannot thank those who got involved enough. We had 1,400 registered walkers (including virtual walkers), there was 40 teams, and we raised a whopping 72k and counting! Our team alone had 280 team members and raised over $6,400! Wow, when I first became passionate about CureSearch I was determined to get at least 100 walkers on Izzy's team, when we hit 100 I KNEW we could double it, but to almost triple my initial goal is outstanding! I could not have done it without each and everyone who signed up and participated. I found you will always be surprised at who will be there for you. I had people I hadn't seen in years register for the team or make a donation. It is amazing what you can accomplish is you just ask!

This picture isn't the best, but it's the only one I got of my little family. Dustin was in Cooperstown, NY umpiring baseball so unfortunately he wasn't there.

My regret is not getting a big team photo with all the Sassy Pants Supporters. I hate that I wasn't able to visit with each and everyone that came to be a part of this extremely important event. It was so hard juggle being part of the committee, the team captain, and with our cancer friends. I know some people don't understand why it means so much to me seeing as how Izzy is done with treatment, but cancer and specifically childhood cancer will forever be apart of me. How can you go through something so traumatic and not learn and want to give back and make a difference? I can understand that childhood cancer isn't going to be every one's cause (however, it is a brilliant one), but I do challenge everyone to have a cause and make a difference.

This is most of our CureSearch 2011 committee. These ladies are absolutely amazing, there is no doubt in my mind that they have some of the biggest hearts and will continue to make a difference in the world of childhood cancer. Our committee consisted of cancer Moms, each one of us has a child who has or had cancer. Some of these incredible women were jumping in on our planning conference calls, while in the hospital with their child. So, when I hear people say they don't have time for something I think of these ladies who on top of taking care of their child they helped plan an outstanding event that celebrated and honored children with cancer. And really who better to plan something of such nature than people who really know what it's all about? My part of the walk was coffee (props to Brew Monkey and Destiny and Bart Quarnberg), and some of the entertainment. I was touched by so many great people who came out to help with the event. It definitely wasn't easy asking people to come volunteer their time, and I had LOTS that turned me down. So those that were able to come just thrilled me. We had jugglers from BYU, clowns and balloon artists (thanks Tiny, Sammy, and Jeremy), face painters (you were awesome Sharon, Leah, and Macy!), Julie the awesome air brush tattoo artist, all the mascots with Utah Furries, Cinderella with Princess parties, Salt Lake Police Department, and Salt Lake Fire Department. I don't know if people realized that this event was planed with ZERO budget. We had to get every thing from the food to the entertainment donated or volunteered.

Opening ceremonies started with a balloon release for all of the children who lost the battle against childhood cancer. It was very hard to watch, and when I look at this pictures and see the pain in the faces of these loved ones, it breaks my heart and it makes me want to fight even harder to find a cure.

Then they asked all the cancer kids to come up and announce their name is the microphone. These are just a few of Izzy's cancer friends (Cami, Livi,and Ashlynn), while they were waiting to receive their medal for being a champion.

Izzy saying her name is the mic, I was pretty proud!

All the CHAMPIONS! Huge thanks to Kristina Partridge for all the great pictures!

So again, thank you for all your support! I know we wouldn't have been able to raise the amount of funds that we did without every one's help and it's not too late you can still donate for another 2 months.

At the end of the walk I was interviewed by Jessica Gail of KCPW, you can click on the link below to hear the interview.

Walk for Children’s Cancer Boosts Research Money Hit by Recession

Much Love,

Jennie aka Miss Sassy Pants Mom

Sunday, July 3, 2011

youtube video of Izzy's cancer journey

My sweet friend Destiny and I spend a LONG time putting all these pictures together and making a video of Izzy's fight with cancer. I hope you will take a few minutes to watch it.

Much Love,