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If you want to feel sorry for someone, please don't feel sorry for her or our family.

This blog is for family and friends to keep up with Izzy and to document what a tough little girl she really is...

Don't worry - - she will kick cancers butt!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

PORT/No more tubes

Yesterday the nursed accessed Izzy's port. I don't know if everyone knows what a port is because before all this I had no idea. Port: An implanted central venous access device, or "port" is a tube placed in a vein in the upper chest or arm. The tube called a catheter, is several inches long and made of flexible plastic. When the port is in place, one end of the catheter lies underneath the skin, just below the collarbone or in the upper arm. The other end is in the large vein that enter the heart. I got that info straight from one of the educational packets, heaven knows we have a LOT of stuff to learn and understand. Anyhow, they place the port so they can give her the anti bio tics, and her chemo. That way they aren't having to do so many pokes. In fact the night after her surgery she told the nurse that she wanted to go to a hospital where they don't get poked. It was so cute. I guess i need to explain to her that such a place does not exist. When they accessed the port yesterday it was a little traumatic for her and her mom and dad. With the port they can also draw labs from it. As they were taking some blood she was looking at it and asked if it was blood coming out. She is so stinkin' tough, I had to remind her that her dad can't see blood like that or he passes out and she was looking straight at it.

Izzy officially has all her tubes removed at this point. We were very excited about that, especially because the drive Izzy crazy. The surgery nurse told me she pulled the tube out that went into her nose done into her belly as soon as she came out of surgery. Then she did it 1 more time that night. It killed me to have to help the nurses by holding her down while they put the tube back in. Even more so because she was telling me to "get my hand off her" and "stop touching her". I know all those lines or tubes are necessary to help give her nutrients and in the case of the one that went down her nose to pull the bile from her little tummy. It sure makes it easier to go for walks without all those tubes.

I know I don't have the best grammar and hopefully spell check catches most of my spelling errors, really this blog is to keep track of what we went through so when the cancer is gone we will look back and see all she has accomplished. Oh and of course to keep out family and friends who are out of state in the "know". This is what Izzy wanted to add....yyyymlkngv2oqsze346ypo0rdcvbnmku7o

Much Love,

Jennie and Izzy


  1. Hey Jennie, I got your email this morning and checked this blog. I had no idea. I'm so sorry. I think you will be glad you started this blog, it's got to ease up on all the phone calls and repeating the same story. Now you can spend more time with your little one and get her better. I have to say you couldn't be at a better place than Primary's. Did you say what kind of cancer it is? Know that you guys are all in my prayers!

  2. Hi Jennie, my mom is in shock! Izzy & your family are in our prayers. We love you! Hears hopping for a brighter new year for your family.

    Love you all.

  3. I love it!!!! There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that feisty little Izzy girl will kick some serious cancer behind! Love you guys!!!

  4. Great job on the blog Jennie! I especially enjoyed Izzy's commentary at the end! We are all so blessed that little Izzy is so strong! We love you guys!

  5. hey i am so glad you invited me to izzy's blog... i love it.... she is such a cute little girl and she is lucky to have you as her parents.. you are amazing... love ya

  6. I remember when they took all the ports and tubes out of Matthew when he was in the NICU, it was such a relief to be able to hold and cuddle him without worrying about tubes coming out. What a tough little cookie you have!! We are praying for and thinking of you guys! You guys are an amazing family!


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