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Don't worry - - she will kick cancers butt!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Round 6 of chemo

(Miss Sassy Pants and Trooper Tom. This picture was taken a few weeks ago, but I thought it was cute and had to post it)

Today Izzy had her 6Th round of chemo. Things went pretty well apart from when the nurse had to change the dressing on her PICC line. Normally the home health nurse has done it and Izzy really dislikes it, that area is sensitive and sore because of the location and the surgery. Most kids don't like having band aids removed and she especially disliked it before all of this. When they remove the dressing it pulls on her skin and hurts her she also has to stay still and let the nurse scrub it with alcohol really well. The line goes directly to her heart so everything has to be sterile and I have to wear a mask. The Life Specialist came in and was trying to keep her mind off of it by blowing bubbles, it seemed to help.

Her counts are pretty good still and we are very pleased with that. Next week Izzy will have her double dose of chemo and it is also count dependent so we hope that they stay up. We found out that she quite possibly will need to also have a blood transfusion next week because she is anemic. They doctor assured us that it is typical for patients going through chemotherapy to need blood transfusions from time to time. It may explain why she was having a headache last week. Fortunately they should be able to do the blood transfusion at her next week appointment along with her double chemo unless between then and now she gets worse. It will make for a long day at the clinic, but probably better than having to make a whole other trip to the hospital.

Oh and in case anyone was wondering, she did get the Dora swimsuit for Christmas and was very excited about it. Although I still can't figure out why she wanted a Dora swimsuit she's much more into iCarley and Big Time Rush.

Thanks as always for the love and support. I can't tell you how much it means to us to have our family, friends, and even people we don't even know who have sent messages or words of encouragement.

Much Love,



  1. She is a stuff chick. I know the band-aid problem, my girls hate having them taken off. She looks beautiful in that picture. Do they say if she will loose those beautiful lashes (Hope not)? I wish we lived closer, I feel out of touch, so thanks for the updates. We keep you all in our prayers. Love you!

  2. It was great reading this update. Your family is ALWAYS in my prayers, specifically. I love you guys!!

  3. Sweet Baby- those Picc changes hurt like a Mo fo! Srsly, I cried everytime! Poor Izzy- good thing she is sassy-- Loves to you all! Hope to see you soon! :)

  4. She looks so cute in her Dora swimsuit!! She certainly is tough and sassy!! I saw that Danielle has a link to this blog on her blog with a button, can you post the link so other people can put it on their blog?

  5. Love the Sassy Pants and Trooper Tom picture! Too cute!

  6. Izzy you are such a inspiration! Way to go in kicking this cancers butt! Our friend Jessica has the same kind of cancer as you and she's kicking cancers butt as well, recently she was moved from PICU to the 4th floor! Jessica is getting better and so will you! We can see your wonderful spirit that you have in all your beautiful pictures! You are in our prayers! Keep smiling:) love Gary, Krista, Rocky, Emily, Samuel, Noah, and Sarah Love Bagley

  7. she looks so adult like. holy crap, jennie. i love her!!! and i love you!!!

  8. Jordyn wanted me to say Hi to Izz and Tommy. She wishes she could see them, as she misses "those cute kids". Wishing you guys a good week. Keep fighting Izz, your such an amazing girl!

  9. Jenny! I miss you and your family soooo much!! izzy is so BEAUTIFUL! and Tommy is getting so big! I cant wait to see you guys again!!
    -Belle Stoddard


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