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If you want to feel sorry for someone, please don't feel sorry for her or our family.

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Don't worry - - she will kick cancers butt!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Miss Sassy Pants vs the broken tooth....

The other night we found out that Izzy broke one of her back molars. We first thought it was decaying and because I'd worked in dental for 8 years I started to feel responsible. I had brushed her teeth that morning and hadn't noticed anything, she does have more sensitive gums and when she was diagnose her Oncologist told us to get a soft bristle tooth brush so it wouldn't bother her gums so much. Once I was able to get a good look at her tooth it turned out it was a popcorn kernel and when we finally got all the pieces out 1/4 of her tooth is gone. I was worried about infection, but her doctors told us she on enough antibiotics that she should be good. They want us to get into a dentist and have them check it out and see if it is necessary to do now or if it can wait until she finished with chemo. Apparently when you are going through chemo a side effect can be weakening of the tooth enamel, but they don't see it very often. I think it was probably a combination of weak enamel and biting down on a popcorn kernel. If Miss Sassy Pants has to get the tooth taken care of she will need to have an antibiotic through her IV before and after the dental treatment. Here's hoping the tooth will be okay and can wait until she finished with treatment and that is won't cause her any pain.

This picture is the day after Izzy got home from the hospital after the diagnosis and surgery. Even though it was December she was dying to wear a sun dress and wanted a picture with her dog Rogue.

BTW- I put some links on the side bar of some great resources. I love SuperSibs,it was started by someone that had a sibling going through cancer they have fun stuff that they do for the siblings because we all know they're going through a lot too. Please share any links you think would be beneficial for a family going through cancer.

Much Love,



  1. You have such a family of troopers. Love you so much Jennie!

  2. Sure hope that this tooth thing, counts towards losing a tooth. Even if it was just part of one, the tooth fairy should still drop by.
    I love you and your family sooo much!!

  3. Oh my heck Jennie...where do I begin. I check this blog weekly and think about you guys all the time. With Izzy being about the same age as Gracie I try to put myself in your shoes and I cant even fathom. She seems like such a strong willed brave little sweetheart! Ok and how goregous does she look in this picture????????? She doesn't even look sick. She could get her way with anything with those big blues!

    We love you guys and believe me you are in our prayers everyday!

    Love Linds and Fam


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