Izzy loves parties, but not pity parties.

If you want to feel sorry for someone, please don't feel sorry for her or our family.

This blog is for family and friends to keep up with Izzy and to document what a tough little girl she really is...

Don't worry - - she will kick cancers butt!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fever schmever

On Wednesday Miss Sassy Pants got a fever, so I stayed home with Tommy and Dustin took her up to the clinic.  Monday I took Izzy to chemo by myself and Dustin stayed home so I didn't put up much of a fight, but I was anxiously waiting by the phone to hear what the doctors said.  It's so much better if she gets a fever during the day because we can just take her to the clinic.  Otherwise we have to go to the ER and pay a $100 co-pay and we have to explain everything to the ER docs, which are great, but then they have to consult with her oncologist to make sure they're doing what they would want them to do.  It's just easier to deal directly with the docs who are treating her.  Does that make sense?  Unfortunately, with my kids it seems like they get fevers at night and I don't know why.

The doctors said Izzy's counts have dropped dramatically, so we've got to keep her away from people so she doesn't get sick.  They were talking about admitting her because of her counts and so they could keep an eye on her, but she was doing good besides that so they let her go home.  They told Dustin if she got another fever we'd have to bring her back and get admitted.  Luckily she's been doing pretty good and hasn't got a fever since they left.  *Fingers Crossed*

Much Love as always,



  1. Dear Izzy,
    My name is Cameron Pearl, I am 8 years old and my mom went to a zumba class for you. I hope you get better Izzy. We think about you a lot.

    Love, Cameron Pearl Mayhew

  2. for cryin' out loud! jennie, i kinda lol'd b/c i can totally imagine you saying that (fever schmever). keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed that she doesn't get another one. love y'all!

  3. jennie, i have been thinking about you guys so much. keeping my fingers crossed that her fever stays down. love ya!


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