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If you want to feel sorry for someone, please don't feel sorry for her or our family.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

It's only hair, right?!

Miss Sassy Pants hair has been falling out over the last couple weeks. It hasn't all come out yet, but I know it's only a matter of time. In fact she has had to wear hats the last little bit because there are so many bald spots. It's weird how it affects everyone differently. I had a lot of people tell me that their hair fell out all in one day, but hers hair has been more gradual. It seems to happen the night after chemo, she wakes up and her bed is literally covered in hair. She really didn't have a lot in the first place so I'm surprised so much of it is still there. We've talked about it a lot with Izzy, and she seems okay with it. She understands it will come back and today was talking about getting a wig like Taylor Swift. LOL! I don't think we will go the wig route though, I can't really imagine her wearing it all that much and I've heard they're itchy.

I had a visit from a friend that use to be in my ward and it was perfect timing with what was going on with Izzy starting to loose her hair. She brought us a book that is called "Introducing Hairetta Hairison The One, The Only Me", it is seriously the perfect book. It's about a girl who looses her hair, but she is much to busy to care. Please check it out, it's for anyone young or old who is going or has gone through hair lose. It is truly inspirational and I have to give Carly a huge shout out for thinking of us. Carly has a fabulous blog you should all check out it's called http://livingthescream.com/. You can purchase "Introducint Hairetta Hairison The One, The Only Me" by going to http://www.jozybooks.com/. It means so much to have such incredible people write books like these that help children and families who are going through stuff like we are.

Do you have a book you know of that we might like? Let me know! I have started a little sidebar that has some fun books we've enjoyed and have helped us and we would love to know of more. Sometimes there is nothing better than a great book to help you understand things a little more and at least make you feel like you aren't the only one going through the hard spots in life.

Hey and please don't feel shy leaving comments, I've made it so anyone can comment and Izzy loves to have me read what people are saying and thinks it fun when I tell her who they are and if they have kids she might know. It means a lot to know that family, friends, and anyone else out there are reading the blog and keeping up on how she's doing on her fight against cancer.

I will do an update on her chemo appointment she had today soon. I've had major computer problems, but thanks to my Uncle Randy and cousin Matt we are up and running again.

Much Love,



  1. Check out the last lecture. It is a really, really good book. This is Fatu, by the way.

  2. She is one tough cookie!! I have been growing my hair out for five years just to donate it to locks of love, I figure there aren't enough red heads in the world so I should do my part :) Actually it was a litte girl on the today show who had cancer and was waiting for her wig and she said she really wanted red hair but they just don't get enough donations in that color to make a wig :( Broke my heart so I started growing mine long.

    Your still in my prayers friend. Love the updates.

  3. Hi Jennie, I just wanted to send a quick note and let you know that my family and I are praying for your family and especially that adorable Izzy from Calgary, Alberta, Canada! I know that we haven't seen each other since Jr. High before I moved away, and even then we weren't super close or anything, but I've been thinking about you and your family since I heard what was going on. I know that miracles can happen! Our baby girl, Kairi was diagnosed with a 7mm hole in her heart at 5 months old in September and had to have open heart surgery in October. A week before her surgery, we were told that she didn't have even a month left with us without surgery. It was the scariest time of my life. Now she is doing great! Even better than anyone expected! I pray every day that Izzy will continue to heal and beat cancer. Thank you for sharing your story!

    M'Lisa (Butcher) Aimoto

  4. Busy Izzy is to busy to care! Let me know if she woul like a cute pixie cut anytime soon! I can make a house call for chocolate Ella's friend.

  5. The Bald-Headed Princess by Maribeth R Ditmars, the girl in the story is named Isabella and she plays soccer. I saw it on Amazon, I have no idea if its good... It looks cute.

  6. What a little trooper your Little Miss Sassy Pants is. She looks so radiant and amazing. Make sure to keep smiling with those big eyes. Nobody will even notice missing hair. Your face is just to dang cute for anything else to even matter. My mom was against the wigs too. She liked the scarfs or nothing at all. And she was just as beautiful as ever through it all. To this day she still would rather have no hair :)

  7. Izzy is a trooper. She is such a doll. I miss seeing you guys all the time at the store since I moved to Logan for school. I love your two's strength through all of this. You have been such an inspiration of strength to me Izzy...you too Jenny. Love you guys!

    With much love my friend...

  8. This is exactly what I mean friends! Thank you for your comments, it truly helps me to stay positive.

  9. Guess my comments didn't post! Dang, I'll call you guys, I love you ♥♥

  10. P and I were just talking and he says littls kids shouldn't have to go through hard things like this. Isn't the truth? All our love and prayers.

  11. I totally agree with Fatu about "The last lecture". You can watch it online too. Amazing!

    She is such a strong girl!

  12. jennie, you have no idea how much i love you. i remember after you had tommy, how different you were. i couldn't believe you were a mom, and couldn't never imagine myself to be as good at it as you were / are. i look up to you sooooo much, izzy is such an awesome kid, in part b/c that's just how she is, but in part b/c of YOU. you are a great mom and an amazing example to me. you sacrifice everything for your kids and... i just wish i could be there. so very bad.

    i miss you.

  13. Miss Izzy! I know you don't know me well. I have met you a few times and am friends with your mom! I wanted to tell you I am so proud of your strength! (You too Jennie)You are so beautiful inside and out! (You too Jennie) I'm sure you are such a great example to all those around you! (You too Jennie) And Miss Izzy I'm going to tell you a secret that I have never told anyone before but am going to be brave like you, I have a sickness that makes my hair fall out a little at a time too. Mine is not enough that people can notice but me! So I know how you feel! Just remember it is only hair and yours will grow back beautifully! It's all about the attitude anyways and yours is for sure one of the best I know! I will say lots of prayers for you and so do my son and daughter! Hopefully I can come visit you soon!


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