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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Time flies when Izzy doesn't have chemo

I have been meaning to give an update on Miss Sassy Pants, but to be honest we have been enjoying the time off from chemo.

Pa and Chelle flew Dustin and Tommy to Arizona for Spring Training over the weekend and Miss Sassy Pants and I had a girls weekend. Unfortunately on Friday when the home health nurse came to draw labs and change the dressing on Izzy's picc line they found that her ANC was very low. It hasn't been this low since we left the hospital on Christmas Eve. I had to do some rearranging of my schedule because when her counts are so low they like you to keep her away from kids and crowds. So on Monday morning Izzy and I went to clinic thinking that is was a high possibility that we would have to put off the chemo for another week due to a dramatic drop in Izzy's ANC. However, we lucked out and her counts were back up. It's kinda strange to say that we were excited to get chemo done, but it was more that we were excited to be a little closer to finishing up with the treatment.

Here she is enjoying some cereal while we waited for chemo. Miss Sassy Pants appointment was at 9:30 and we didn't leave the clinic until 1:30 so it made for a LONG day. Not more than a couple minutes into driving home I turned to check on Izzy and she was fast asleep. She was exhausted!

I have been so happy to meet some Moms of cancer patients these past couple weeks. Thank you for reaching out to me! It's true that sometimes the only one who can really understand how you’re feeling is another cancer Mom. I've learned a lot from Binley's Mom Kristin who wrote this amazing post on Brinley's blog about the things she has learned. I only wish I could write and express my feeling as well as she does. Check it out, but be sure to have your tissue handy. I have read the post over 50 times and I can't get through it without tears in my eyes and my heart not pounding.

We signed up a team in Izzy's honor for the CureSearch walk on July 9th. Curesearch benefits funding for Children's Oncology Group research. They hope to "Help reach the Day when every child with cancer can be guaranteed a cure." Can you even imagine? If you'd like to join the Miss Sassy Pants kicks cancer team click on the link below. If you can't make it to the event you can always be a virtual walker or make a donation.


Oh yeah, and some very exciting news is that Miss Sassy Pants was nominated for Make-A-Wish!! Our little family gets to go meet with her wish granters on Monday March 28th. I have heard some amazing things about Make-A-Wish and we are very happy to get to be apart of such a truly incredible organization.

Much Love,



  1. So exciting about Make A Wish!!! They are just the best of the best - you guys are going to love it!

    Glad you got to trek on with the chemo - I understand the mixed emotions - you don't want to do it for the side effects, but you do want to do it to just get it over with. The only way is up, right? :)

  2. I've seen the "Praying for Izzy" blog button on blogs... how do I get one?


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