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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hollywood Connections with HopeKids

This past Saturday we got to go to Hollywood Connections with HopeKids, the HopeKids and their immediate family had it all to ourselves from 9:00am to 10:30am, then your family and friends were able to come do all the fun stuff at a huge discount price and half of it went back to the HopeKids organization.

Miss Sassy Pants has been really into wearing scarfs, but most of the time she likes them draped over her head and she pretends it's her hair. Sometimes I can convince her to let me tie them, but it just depends on her mood. She liked this horse the best she told me because it had jewels on it.

They loved going on the bumper cars, Sassy Izzy was pretty good at maneuvering I was impressed. She got to where she would purposely make it so she would go around in circles. It was pretty funny.

Here's the Hoggan's minus Kimmie (she was running a race in St George).

And here is some of the Burnside's.

All the little kids tried to roller skate, but it was kind of hard for them. Tommy was much better his second time around. Here's Lyssie, I wish I would have got more pictures of all the kids roller skating because it was so cute.

My friends Destiny and Melanie brought their families, it was so nice to see them.

I always wish I would have taken more pictures when I get home and look at my camera. We had lots of family and friends who were able to come spend time and enjoy the fun things at Hollywood Connection. Thanks HopeKids!


  1. it looks like such a fun day! we haven't been able to get out to many hopekids events because it seems like we're always sick/in the hospital/something comes up. i really hope we can go to more soon. the ones you have posted about look like such fun!

  2. It look like you really had fun!! I'm so glad!!!

  3. Looks like Miss Sassy Pants had fun! Your family totally deserves it!


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