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Monday, April 4, 2011


Wow Sassy Pants supporters, Make-A-Wish was awesome. Magical is the word that best describes Izzy's first visit to declare her wish. I can't say enough about this amazing organization.

Here she is standing in front of the welcome Izzy poster

When we got there our Wish Granters introduced themselves and took us on a tour of the Make-A-Wish building. It was super neat. Liz and Derek are both volunteers for Make-A-Wish. You've probably drove past the Make-A-Wish building, it's located right near the RC Willey in Murray. They took us outside to the wishing pond and gave us each a wishing token. Both Tommy and Izzy threw there's in to make a wish, but Dustin and I held on to ours. Everything is going so well right now that I want to hold on to that token for when I really need it.

I don't know if you can see very well, but at the bottom of this pond are lots of tokens from sick little kids asking for a magical wish. This I imagine is suppose to get the children thinking about wishing.

I obviously need a new camera, but if you can tell there are stars at the top of the ceiling. Those stars represent each child who has had their wish granted.

They also have a big board filled with pictures of children who have had their wish granted and what their wish was. I'd have to say that the majority of the wishes were Disney, or Hawaii. Then there were some that were more unique like the boy who wanted to meet "he who should not be named" from Harry Potter or the little boy who wanted a pirate ship playhouse. Yes, both of their wishes were granted. We got to see our little friend Connor who recently had his wish granted for a Home Theater. His picture is on the second row very right.

We then went upstairs to play a game called "The Wishing Game", pretty fitting right? It was really fun, and Izzy actually has this game at home although she hasn't played it yet. She got it with her tree from The Festival of Trees. Our neighbor The McPhee's bought if for her and the theme was "Make-A-Wish". This game again helped to get Izzy's mind thinking about what she would wish for. The granters before hand told us that this is the one of the only times you really want to force your child to be selfish and think of themselves and what they would truly want as a wish.

I enjoyed hearing Tommy's wishes and Dustin's too, but most of all it was funny to hear what Izzy was wishing for. Then we got really serious and they started asking Izzy what she really wanted to wish for. They ask for 3 wishes in case they aren't able to grant the first or second one. This is what Izzy wished for in her words..."Disney World, a cruise with no parents (Tommy chimed in and said that's the Nickelodeon cruise) or Taylor Swift concert, and a merry-go-round in her backyard with only pink horses, because I hate purple." Yes, she tried to double up her second wish. Silly girl. Her wish granters wrote them down and put them in a metal capsule thing. Then they asked Izzy if she remembered her key to the wishing tower. She got all anxious because her Dad teased her and said we forgot it.

Dustin helping her get the key in so she could open the door to the wishing tower.

We walked into this really amazing room with lights and a big cone shaped statue of some sort. The floor was like frosted glass.

During the wishing game we had all made a wish for Izzy. Once we were in the room we all told her what we wished for. Then lights started to go on and off and she was told she had to follow the bright light on the floor. It lead her to this...where she dropped her capsule in and then held the small cone shaped object that as she continue to follow the lights lead her back to the big cone in the ground.

It turns out that was the top of the wishing wizards hat. She put it on top of the hat and

Then the wishing tower went dark

And then got really bright, signifying that the wizard had got her wish.

Then we went downstairs to the party room and her wish granters gave Izzy a gift bad with a pink dog, some red vines, a book, a wand, a cute purse, and they gave Tommy a book too.

We had cookies and ice cream and then I filled out paper work with Liz. At this point they will talk to her doctor to see when he will give her clearance to go and start looking into granting Izzy's wish. As soon as we hear we will definitely let you all know!

The visit was so incredible and magical, I'm so thankful Izzy was able to go and that these amazing volunteers were so sweet with her and Tommy.

Much Love,


To learn more about volunteering for Make-A-Wish click on the link below, they have a super awesome cook book you can purchase at the building and a big percentage if not all goes back into Make-A-Wish. You can also donate your sky miles, time, or do a fundraiser.

Ways to help Make-A-Wish


  1. This looks so neat. I loved the fountain where they threw in their coins and the room with the lights in the floor. How exciting that you guys got to do this.

  2. It IS magical, isn't it?? I saw Connor's picture on the board! We're still in the waiting process, i just gave them all the measurements for his special seat they're doing for him, when he has his star raising party I want you guys to come!!
    I love the wishing room. it's so peaceful, I'm so glad Izzy had such a wonderful experience, she is a beautiful little angel! it's a little hard to take in the whole experience, but Make-A-Wish is such a great organization, they go above and beyond for sure.....I'm happy they made your little girl happy!

  3. Jennie, that sounds amazing! I bet she had a wonderful time. We'll be waiting to hear :). Keep up the good work.

  4. Wow!! Wow! Wow! It's so amazing and I'm so happy Tommy and Izzy are going through this together. I loved the wishing token story about you and Dusty hanging on to yours, untill you need it or untill you can safetly put it away as a reminder. The whole wishing experience seemes so magical. It's such a great thing to give a child and their family after all the stuff they missed (due to illness) merry x-mas and happy new yr!!!I love you guys more than mere words can express and I'm sooooo proud of how strong YOU'VE ALL been. I DO see light at the end of this tunnel♥♥ xoxoxoxo mom

  5. AWESOME!!!! As soon as I am back in the Salt Lake Valley for good, I think I want to go volunteer with them. SOOO many times I have thought to as it is a great organization. Thanks for sharing this Jennie.

  6. I love reading all these neat things that are happening for Izzy. She looks so darling with that scarf. WOW. Just awesome.
    I love you guys.

  7. amazing. thanks for documenting everything. izzy is really going to appreciate it one day! and i love knowing what's going on since i'm not there to stalk you in person. xoxo

  8. yeah, i can't say enough about MAW!! they are AMAZING!! izzy had such great wish ideas - do you know which one she's leaning towards. how will they choose? :)

  9. So amazing!! All of you are such an inspiration. Glad you had a good time and so happy things are going well right now! Much love! xoxo


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