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Monday, March 7, 2011

Last weeks chemo appt and ER visit

Last Monday Izzy had chemo, don't you just love her fashion sense? Where is that button that reads "I dressed myself!"? At clinic we were able to finally meet Jessica. She is the little girl who has a Wilms Tumor like Izzy did. Jessica's Mom told us they were going in for a CT scan to see if they would be able to do surgery to remove the tumor. I later found out on her blog that Jessica is going in for surgery tomorrow March 8Th. Please keep their family and the staff at PCMC in your prayers, we are hoping for a speedy recovery for Jessica.

Unfortunately Izzy got sick this time from the chemo. Once we got home from the double dose she just sorta hung out. She kept telling me her tummy felt like a giant was stepping on it. She laid around most of the day and around 4:30 she started getting a temperature. I let her sleep for a bit and then all of the sudden her temp spiked and it 101.5, which is WAY too high. We are suppose to take her to the hospital if her temp gets to 100.3. So off Izzy an I went to the ER. They are always awesome about making sure we don't have to sit in the waiting room because her immune system is compromised. They give us a triage room to sit in and wait our turn away from all the sickness. While we were there Izzy did a little bit of this

But mostly a lot of this

The nurse gave her some fluids, antibiotics, and Tylenol. Around 11:30-midnight her labs finally came back, her counts were good and so they let us go home. It was a little tough lugging her all the way back to the car. It made me miss Dustin more because he is always so great to go get the car so we don't have to walk so far. It's a good thing Miss Sassy Pants is a light weight.

Izzy didn't have chemo today and she won't have it next week either. Yay for 2 weeks off of chemo. The home health nurse will still come once a week to change the dressing around her PICC line and also draw her labs to make sure her counts are doing okay.

We had a great time at Hollywood Connections on Saturday with HopeKids, stay tuned for some pictures on the next post.

Much Love,



  1. yay so glad you don't have chemo for 2 weeks. izzy is one tough little cookie. keeping your family in our prayers.

    Love the Driffill's

  2. I'm sorry I haven't commented much lately, I have a teacher who believes, you shouldn't have time for any personal stuff (she's out of control) anyway I just thought I'd take a min. to tell you how proud I am of ALL of you!!! And I love you more than mere words can express♥♥♥♥


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