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If you want to feel sorry for someone, please don't feel sorry for her or our family.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Dentist appointment at Primary's

Today Izzy had a dental appointment at PCMC this picture was taken on the way there. I really hate to see her go into surgery. I know this one doesn't compare with her kidney/tumor removal or when they removed her PORT, but it is still really hard. While we were in the waiting room I'll I could think about is how tough she is. She fought us on putting on the pajamas they make her wear, but other than that she was cooperative and brave.

Maybe she didn't want to wear the pj's because she looked so dang cute in her normal clothes ;) When Miss Sassy Pants comes out of sedation she is pretty mean. Today the nurse said she was trashing and pulled out her tube that went into her nose. Hence the reason why Dustin now sends me to get her from the recovery room. Her counts are very low so they were very careful to keep us in our own separate room while she recovered. We came home and she has been sort of out of it most of the day. We were all suppose to go to the Monster Jam with HopeKids, but because of her counts and everything she went through today Izzy and I stayed home and had a girls night in. We watched the Hanna Montana movie and had chocolate ice cream. The picture below is of the boys in their HopeKids t-shirts. They told me the seats were fantastic and it was really loud, but lots of fun.

Aren't they some handsome fellas? I think so!

Much Love,


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  1. I love all of Izzy's hats they are so cute. Her outfit was adorable and totally cuter than the pajamas they have kid's wear!


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