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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Izzy's 1 year in remission anniversary drive

I am thrilled to announce that April 11th will mark Miss Sassy Pants 1 year in remission anniversary. In celebration of this milestone we are collecting Play-Doh and bubbles to donate to Primary Children's Medical Center. It's important to our little family to make a big deal of how far Izzy has come because we know she is very blessed and fortunate to be where she is now. We have been touched by far too many of our cancer friends relapsing or losing the battle to cancer and earning their angel wings at far too young of an age.

If you would like to participate you can drop of Play-Doh or bubbles at my house up until April 10th. I asked Izzy what type of things she wanted to collect to donate to the hospital she decided on bubbles and Play-Doh. When Izzy went in for her weekly chemotherapy appointments she would always ask the Life Specialist for Play-Doh to keep her entertained while she was hooked up to an IV and being pumped with poison to fight her cancer. Bubbles were also very special because she used them as a coping method when her PORT was being accessed and the dressing around her wounds were changed. When Izzy first came out of surgery from having her tumor removed she was required to blow bubbles in order to clear her lungs.

There items will help so many children who are treated at PCMC. When I spoke with one of the administrators at the hospital I told her of our drive and she said the hospital could really use these types of items. She also gave me some inspiring statistic that I hope will put things into perspective for you. PCMC sees an average of 195 patients per day, out-patient registration is around 160,000 per year, in-patient is 70,000 per year (that means they stay overnight), and ER 40,000 per year. The more Play-Doh and bubbles the better so please feel free to invite your friend, family, and colleges to also participate.

Along with Izzy I have been amazed with the response we have already received for the drive. It means so much to have our friends, family, and complete strangers help us give back to the hospital that helped Izzy fight the fight. It only makes sense for us to help stock the shelves of the hospital with the items she most frequently used and making sure to celebrate every year she remains cancer free!

*If you would like us to do the shopping for you, you can send money through PayPal to JAbernethy07@gmail.com*

Much Love!!


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